How to Stop Over-prepping and Trust Your Improv Skills


January 15th, 2021

53 mins 14 secs

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Right now, DMs are out there planning for something for their next session. They making maps, building encounters, and weaving intricate plots. There are also DMs who are stressed out because they don't have enough time to put together all that great stuff. If you ever feel like the latter, we are here to offer some comfort: have a few handy random tables in your pocket, and trust in your improv skills.

We look at our own habits in terms of what we prep, and over-prep. And the we crack open our new copy of Table Fables II and roll some dice. We'll show you how in just minutes you can whip up a setting, scene or encounter. We also talk about the advantages of going with 'Theatre of the Mind' instead of battlemaps.

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