Who are these guys?

Jay and Jack are a father and son duo who share a deep common passion for Dungeons and Dragons. Jay first started playing back in 1984, when he was ten years old. Jack has been playing for more than 6 years, since his Dad gave him his first D&D books when he was ten years old. They have played together, and apart. Both serve as DMs, as well as play characters in the campaigns of others. Both watch live streams of popular D&D games together. Both love homebrewing, building weird characters, and dreaming up elaborate campaign settings. And they both believe they know how to fix the Ranger class.

But they don't always agree on everything. Tune in as they discuss their different perspectives on the many aspect of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

What Do They Use to Record This?

We apologize for the sound quality of our first few episodes. Please, feel free to skip ahead -- it gets much better. The early episodes were recorded with both of us sitting around a single Blue Yeti USB microphone, plugged into an 8-year-old Macbook Pro running Adobe Audition software.

We admit that it took us a while to learn to improve our microphone skills. But we are D&D players, so we just kept rolling until we hit. But now we've upgrade to some Legendary Magical Item microphones and DAW, so that you, dear listener, can enjoy this podcast with advantage.

Is That A Cat I Sometimes Hear In the Background?

Yes, that's our cat, Oscar. We jokingly refer to him as our familiar. Except that he rarely obeys commands. We can't shut the door to our recording room because he will just scratch at the door to be let in (points if you can hear that sound on one of the early episodes). So we leave the door open and he just wanders in, announcing his presence with a meow.

Where Do We Host Our Podcast?

We are on fireside.fm.

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