Finding the Right Balance for Combat Encounters


October 23rd, 2020

46 mins 59 secs

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This week we look at how to make build a combat encounter that is both challenging, and fun -- deadly, yet winnable. We discuss all the different factors at play, from multi-monster battles to Boss fights. If you want something that is scary, something where the players feel the heat -- while also providing them opportunities to shine -- we've got ideas to help you create a truly "balanced" encounter.

Yet, even with balance, death does happen. And it can be great for the story. We talk a bit about what to do if the fight takes an unexpected twist.

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Episode Links

  • The Book of Hordes — The mechanics and monsters presented in this book are meant for use by DMs who wish to introduce larger-scale, grand battles, without the hassle of tracking a score of hit points and turns. Running monsters as hordes allows for faster, more simple turns, without the micro-managing required for fighting a large group of individual monsters. This simplifies the combat two-fold. First, DMs have less things to track, and can focus their attention on the storytelling and world-building. Second, the players no longer have to micro-manage enemy targeting, and are presented with a dynamic and interesting foe, all while not being entirely overwhelmed through sheer numbers in action economy.