Building the Wine Master Fey Artificer

In our recent episode, The Fey Prince & The Magic Wine, we discuss an unusual build for a Satyr race character. Satyrs were recently introduced in Theros, and we haven't had much of a chance to test them out yet, so this is a truly fresh build. Satyrs are exciting because they are Fey creatures, which is something that we dont' get to play very often.
Wijn Geldtovir
We've built a fun artificer with this class that's built around the idea of being a semi-famous wine maker from the Feywild. We use the Artificer class, with the Alchemist Specialist, to make potions, which -- for flavour -- we would play this as his ability to produce fantastic Fey wines which have the special powers that the Experimental Elixirs provide. Here's the link to his dndbeyond character sheet

If you want to steal this idea, here's how we went about this build:
Tov the winemaker

  • We've built him at level 6. He just works better as a slightly more experienced character.
  • For abilities, we did point buy: Str 8, Dex 13 (14 with racial bonus), Con 12, Int 14 (16 after ASI), Wis 14, Con 12 (14 with racial bonus)
  • For Proficiencies: Nature (know your terroir), Arcana, and Brewer's Supply (we use this for wine making, along with his alchemist supplies.)
  • For Artificer Infusion, we chose Enhanced Arcane Focus (to help his spells hit a bit better), and Alchemy Jug (because this fits the character so perfectly)
  • He has used Replicate Magic Item to create a Perfume of Bewitching, which is part of his wine merchant salesman charms
  • And he has Replicated the Armor of Gleaming, because he likes to look good.
  • Also he's created a tankard of sobriety so he can "out drink" everyone at the bar.
  • His Level 4 ASI is used to put 2 points into his Intelligence
  • As for background, we chose a custom background we call "Wealthy Wine Seller", taking two skills, on tool and one language -- Decpetion, Sleight of Hand, Forgery Kit, and Elvish. These are all the things you need to seel cheap wine to elves at inflated prices. This and Prestidigitation to make the cheap sample stuff taste really, really good. We took the Background Feature from Failed Merchant called Supply Chain: "From your time as a merchant, you retain connections with wholesalers, suppliers, and other merchants and entrepreneurs. You can call upon these connections when looking for items or information." This gives him some fun hooks for any DM to work into the campaign's story. For characterisitics, we chose from the Charlatan Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws.

We then went through his spell list and reflavoured the spells with new names that match his theme. Remeber, if you take this step, let you DM know, and provide them with a translation list of what the spells' actual names are. For example, Ray of Sickness has become Ray of Intoxication. Cure wounds becomes Healing Wine. Aid becomes Bolstering Wine.

We hope this helps inspire you to look for cool ideas that break the mould and make a truly memorable character.

(Credit: Satyr photo by Chris Kuhlmann. Article Header via WoTC)