New UA Subclasses: Souls for Beers, Teenage Bedrooms Inside Magic Lamps, and Tiny Cowboys Riding Your Wizard's Familiar

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A new Unearthed Arcana has dropped with updates to the subclasses formerly known as The Revived Rogue, The Noble Genie Warlock adn The Achivist Artificer.

The Revived Rogue has become the Phantom, and we dig into all the new features and compare what was lost (like not needing to sleep or breathe) with what has been gained, a massive boost to sneak attack damage. Also, we look at gaining proficiency in the Tuba, and trading soul coins for a round of beers.

The Noble Genie is now just the Genie Warlock, and all that weird tether stuf is gone. In its place a nice clean subclass that lets you hide in your magic lamp. We dig into the new spells and features, and some fun ways to play this as a Pact of Chain warlock.

The Achivist Artificer is now the Order of Scribes wizard. Jack shares his frustration over naming conventions, and then we look at how to play this wizard in a cool way that you wouldn't be able to play other wizards.

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