Warping Our Minds: Building a Psionic Soul Sorcerer


June 5th, 2020

55 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

Jay rebuilds an old psionic charcter with the new psionic rules: psionic soul sorcerer subclass. We review the new mechanics behind the ebb and flow of the psionic talent die. And we unpack Molochia, the Owl Sorcerer. She's a mad, abberant mind Tabaxi. And Jay is probably mad for wanting to play her.

Jack argues that there is a lot wrong with the new subclass. We argue about the value of the new Psionic Discovery for sorcerer spells. He wants to see more expanded spell list for Sorcerers. We weigh the value of psychic socerery vs. subtle casting. And we get into each other's head over telepathic connection. Overall it doesn't look good for Jay's build: will he still be able to make a cool cat that you'd want to steal?

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